Wiesław Lipiec - Fotografia
Wiesław Lipiec

An independent photographer, journalist and publisher connected with Roztocze region and Zamość through his birthplace. A graduate of forest management from Warsaw University of Life Sciences. Photography has been his lifetime passion from early childhood. His primary focus combines landscape, nature and heritage architecture photography. He has been awarded several prestigious photography awards (among others a Grand Prix in XVII Nature Photography Biennale in 1986 in Poznan and first prize in Adam Loret Prize competition awarded for demonstrating an outstanding beauty of Polish forests in artistic photography). He is the sole author of many photographic albums such as "Roztoczanski National Park", "Roztocze", "Zamość", "Cathedral in Zamość", "Collegiate of Opatów". He has also taken part in many joint photographic album publications (such as "Polish National Parks", "Polish Landscape Masters", "The Real Poland", "Forests of Poland", "Lublin Forests"). Lipiec is also the author of two photographic albums which were awarded first prize in a national photographic competition ("Roztocze", "Lublin Forests"). Both albums are his original creations including the concept, photography and entire editorial content. He has had over 30 individual exhibitions and has taken part in many collaborative exhibitions. His work has been published in over 60 magazines, both national and international, as well as many non-periodical publications. He is one of the founders of the Polish Nature Photographers’ Association and currently is the director of the Roztocze and Podkarpacie district of the Association.


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